Reebok Crossfit 5thave


Jahir Jurado

Jahir’s passion for fitness and health started at a young age when he got involved in different sports. From soccer, baseball and football, his drive was always “how to get better”. That’s a drive that he still has today for himself, but most importantly for anyone he’s had the pleasure to coach. As an Army Combat Veteran, discipline loyalty and respect are codes he lives by inside and outside the gym. As a student pursuing Physical Therapy, his hunger for knowledge about health and wellness grows every day, trying to gather as much information as he can so he may properly help those with who he’s had the pleasure of coaching. Crossfit is a way of life for him, he’s been enjoying every single minute of it for the past 3 years. Competing is fun for him, but he loves to help our members reach a level of health and fitness they didn’t think could be possible. That’s what crossfit is all about!


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