Reebok Crossfit 5thave


Our Facilities


Located in the heart of West Kendall, we are right off the Florida Turnpike, just east of Tamiami Airport. Between 120th St. and 131 Ave, you can find us running miles, sprints, flipping tires, or pushing sleds just outside of our massive 10,000 sq. ft. facility. With more than enough space, we are home to workshops, competitions, and official CrossFit Certifications.


We’re equipped with the best quality equipment for the facility and its family. Equipment includes bumper plates, barbells, 21 lifting platforms, 65ft long pull up rig, med balls, slam balls, kettle bells, gymnastic rings, ropes, free weights, GHD’s, plyometric boxes, tires, logs, rowing machines and yokes.

Our main focus is to provide everyone with the opportunity to become a better athlete while still supporting the main focus of the CrossFit spirit: FAMILY!

Our Facilities Feature:

  • Sign Up Registration Package
  • Unlimited Sessions/Monthly Sessions
  • Nutritional Guidance & Support
  • Members Only Invitations to Socials
  • In Box, Community Events & Competitions

  • Family and Friends Socials
  • Discounts & Giveaways
  • Discounts for Military and 1st Responders
  • Health Care Employee Discounts


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